EV Rescue 5
EV Rescue 5
EV Rescue 5

EV Rescue 5

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EV Rescue Electric Vehicle charging system

Whether it is at the side of the road in a emergency or in a car showroom, portable power that is flexible and mobile is very much in demand.

5kWh on-board energy storage. Equates to 15 to 20 miles of range. Vehicle dependent.

Delivering up to 16 amps at 230v single phase charging power via type 2 connector. Full mode 3.

Capable of up to 3 minutes per mile charging based on a 2011 model Nissan Leaf.

This will reduce to 1 minute per mile (6.6kw on board vehicle charger)

EV Rescue = 90 minute full recharge time from a 240v 16amp supply.

On-board “fuel gauge” displaying your remaining energy, SOC

Simple, industrial type front panel controls.

Housed in an IP rated custom powder coated steel enclosure!

Weigh 120Kg

Dimensions D40 x W55 x H75

Wheel Casters for ease of movement.